Hersh Davis Nitzberg (born March 22, 1977)

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Hersh Davis-Nitzberg

Hersh Davis-Nitzberg is an American entrepreneur, publicist, image consultant, and event producer. As an entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience as a strategic media consultant, he has financed companies while helping to raise over ten million in private equity capital. As an image consultant, he has worked closely with celebrities, politicians, and athletes. He currently specializes in reputation repair, reputation defense, and reputation management. In addition, he serves on the board of several non-profit organizations. Based on his strong relationships and insider intelligence, he has built significant influence in Southern California.

Childhood and schooling

Davis-Nitzberg was born on an Air Force base in Tokyo, Japan to Dr. Benjamin W. Nitzberg and Dr. Berta Davis. Hersh Davis-Nitzbeg attended two private schools in Southern California: T he Center for Early Education and Harvard Westlake. After high school, Davis-Nitzberg graduated Class of 1999 at Princeton University with a degree in Religion.

Dr. Benjamin Nitzberg, his father, was a pediatrician for close to 50 years, serving in the US Army and Air Force in Iran and Japan. He was also an assistant professor of pediatrics at UCLA. Dr Berta Davis, his mother, is a licensed clinical psychologist in California.

While attending university, Davis-Nitzberg was actively involved in athletic, humanitarian and entrepreneurial pursuits. He was recruited as a Varsity Football player winning the Ivy League Championships in 1995.


While attending Princeton University, Davis-Nitzberg co-founded The "Ghana Education Project that currently has built and maintains 26 literacy and AIDS education centers in rural Ghana, West Africa. The Ghana Education project is a US non-profit organization dedicated to its motto, "Education is the Foundation of Freedom". It was founded in 1999 by Davis-Nitzberg  and several other Princeton University students after a trip to Ghana, motivated by a desire to mobilize new energy toward the issues surrounding international development and global justice. The organization provides AIDS Education and library development in Ghana. [18]


Davis-Nitzberg co-founded an event publicity firm which for 11 years dominated Southern Californian nightlife. Soon after, LA2nite was born and over the next few years grew into a full scale company promoting nightclubs like Highlands and Level 3 and large events like Giant New Years. "With 5000 events and the title of top promotional company in Los Angeles under his belt, Davis-Nitzberg decided it was time to switch things up and take the next step in his career, so he packed up shop at LA2nite and began promoting people instead of places at Repair Bad Reputation."  LA2nite bloomed during it's 14 years and was closed in 2010.

Davis-Nitzberg created a reputation management firm, Repair Bad Reputation. As an image consultant, Davis-Nitzberg has worked closely with politicians, celebrities and companies, helping individuals with reputation management, and damage control. Hersh is currently managing director at Repair Bad Reputation.

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Online Reputation Management

How to repair defend and manage your reputation or brand

Repair Bad Reputation ( is a private reputation management firm based in Los Angeles that specializes in influencing an individual’s or business’s reputation. We have a sophisticated proprietary system designed to diagnose issues with your reputation by focusing on review sites, social media and—most prominently—the top results on an internet search. Our mission is to repair, defend and protect online reputation. We take pride in working carefully with each of our clients to develop a system that enables and ensures online and offline success. We understand that your success is our success, that your reputation is our reputation.

Our approach is multifaceted. We employ a strategy that includes online reputation repair, reputation defense, and reputation management. To build a powerful online reputation we present important information that redefines the publics impression and defends your brand. We do this by repackaging the positive aspects of your image, working with only that which is both true and positive in order to portray you in a balanced, fair, and compassionate manner. Together we create innovative solutions for each unique case which improves personal image or corporate brand and therefore helps stimulate business and personal growth. In a sentence, Repair Bad Reputation overcomes what the public already thinks they know is true about you by focusing on what the public should know is true about you.We do this by repackaging the positive aspects of your image, working with only that which is both true and positive in order to portray you in a balanced, fair, and compassionate manner. Together we create innovative solutions for each unique case which improve personal image and therefore help stimulate business growth.

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